martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

Looking back

Looking back

When the sound becomes clear
And all space concur with its shadow
Imposing an order even for absences
And still stays the echo of the passing clash
As in the clarity attained calm finally comes.

Because I said yes to my heart
When it asked to me something that was not love
But the red nature to face and conquer
To seek the calm that always runs
Because in its center there is more blood than flame.

And, however, sadness exists
Because when somebody ends with someone else
It’s when the world really starts
In the fact that closer persons not always are
Those who were born near your own cradle.

Each one with his own excesses
Where intensity exists but cannot be explained
Where all scarcity has its own roots and disbelief
Where you have to enter sometime when it’s possible
With a pristine message of the effort made.

Before and without any quick steps which are not felt any more
To allow the own advancement or the idea of it
Letting them to fall without much distress
The scale of tired skin that soon during summer
From below and satisfied will look how the new ones continue the journey.

The owls discover they aren’t alone
A friendship that started years ago
And that today is closing the structure of the walls
Where still remains a space for an inviting door
And an immense grave for those who don’t have good will.

And then in hours that not always match the clocks
Playing the game with almanacs loosing reliability
With six scorpions, the kiss of an angel, an abbey and a street
Testing the weight and the counterweight, enlarging the boat
That doesn’t search or avoids storms during day or night
Although it doesn’t intend simply go a little more as passion calls.