jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

For me it is enough

For me it is enough

Any kind of threaten will stop you
Or any stimulus would make you return
The open trip already dwells in your thought
The days, all of them already lost their roughness.

The furious sight and the voice in calm
The weight knowing to belong to other places
With the slight comfort that perhaps
At some time we can converge in an idea

That it in a time was our own
To what was offered by one of us
The cold waiting room of emotions
And it surrounding structure
Where amplitude was still missing.

It’s already late and the term already expired
And again everything is seen virgin
In the beginning of what will be a new battle
Where the value of each thing will be better adjusted

At a price that implies, from one skin or another
Paying attention to ten thousand variables
That played their mode and plot
Participating as actors and not as decoration
That will be transmuted in the present story.

You will see it again at its right time
The old boldness
This time needing necessary intelligence
To cross the wall of circumstances

And the grave of disgraces that precedes it
So that finally you smile again
For the brief but unforgettable victory
A play of precision against the tyranny of effort.

And finally you already know
It is enough if they deny to me
So that my intentions display
It is enough that I suspect it
So that your possibility is affirmed

Because not having you is enough for me
Just to find the right excuse to conquer you.