sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

Going so

Maturing forgetfulness consciously
Without giving up to the adolescent temptation
To find in memories what is gone
Like the edges which didn’t know imperfection.

Meditating on the brief jumps
From a moment to another
Sustaining by will
The impulses against inertia

Without digging in anything but deepen in all
Smiling to uncertainness
With the highest expectation
But not waiting too much.

A step besides justice
Generating constant overflows
That will be absorbed again
One of these nights
Or in any of these mornings

Reflecting a difficult melody
In an accustomed counterpoint
Like a volcano that decides to contain
Shaking those who don’t perceive the moment
But the possibility of its arrival.

Pointing out serious mistakes
And then dismissing their seriousness
Inserting nails in some principles
And closing the ends with a reliable promise.

Opening new furrows with old ideas
In those that were silenced for their surroundings
Balancing intensities full of normality
With only one future vision displayed in a line.

Going fast but without urgency
Exploring from a complex calm
The different movements of age of the body
It is in the natural law and the law of nature.

Going so
As if it doesn’t have any cost
As if so much is lost or earned
As if the day end doesn’t imply light ending.