jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

Starting to live

Starting to live

They are going to find her guilty
Even walking differently
They will censure her with screams
For all the things she couldn’t feel.

The world will say to her
That is humankind who talks her
And the people always meeting together
Will not be able to avoid silence.

It will hurt in a special way
That even hearing and perceiving all
That nothing can remain
Out of the scope of just one of her sights

And in this regard it seems
Not that I don’t feel anything
But even feeling everything
I still have space to feel more, much more.

They will want to kill her
The one who can be alone
They will not forgive her
The smile she offered when she deceived him.

They will ask her spiritual and material restoration
For the times she dismissed all the others
For the simple reason of finding someone better
For the logic of her mind overwhelmed of intuition.

But at the end nothing will happen
Because she settled everything since the beginning
The judgment will be a failure
And all the arguments will be ridiculed.

And it will start again
In other point or maybe one already traveled
Because it’s also true
That nobody ever is alone

Since it reaches to a point
In which isn’t necessary to change a life
To affirm our own
Starting to live
That in other time we wanted to understand.